Fancy a French castle? $22 million and it's yours

French castle

For the first time in some 200 years, a French castle built in 1064 will change ownership, hitting the market for a very reasonable $22 million.

Few could boast that their home has lived through two world wars, 12 monarchs and several revolutions but Chateau de la Barben has seen countless generations come and go and sits on an impressive 307 hectares.

Once you get your head around the maintenance, it's time to enjoy the amenities that $22 million can afford. Chateau de la Barben contains a "large hunting ground", a guardian's apartment alongside the main house, a watchtower complete with a separate studio dwelling and even a gatehouse at the perimeter of the castle's wall.

Because King Rene (a famed lover of manicured gardens) of France owned this castle in the 15th century, every flower bed has been designed by the king's own landscaper Andre Le Notre. As a result, much of the 1000 square metres of gardens has been cultivated for vineyard use if the new owners are partial to some homemade vino.

A popular tourist spot, the current owners have thrown open the doors and you can take a tour there as part of a group for just 9 euros ($13.50 AUD) and stay the night in one of the 15 rooms allocated for bed and breakfast lovers.

Overall, the castle can host more than 400 guests over its grounds and halls, and boasts many decadent tapestries and hand-painted ceilings indicative of its era. There's also a castle chapel, subterranean passages and a fireplace in every bedroom.