The Rules

1.1 You must add new entries for inclusion in your Listings not less than once a week so as to ensure the Listings are maintained up to date as far as is reasonably practicable.

1.2 Within 7 days of a property’s status having changed (sold, rented or removed from the market), You must update the Listing. Additionally, You must provide to Us as soon as reasonably possible, the rental price or the selling price (except where the Vendor has specifically asked for non disclosure of the selling price), description of property, whether sold at or before auction or passed in, the reserve price and other information required from time to time by Us. Furthermore, you must not remove the description, photos, or other relevant information that was part of the Listing prior to its change in status.

1.3 In providing Listings for publication on the web site, You must comply with our requirements from time to time. The minimum requirements of the information for data to be included in the Listings provided will be:

  • type of property (eg, house);
  • map reference
  • address (if applicable)
  • number of bedrooms;
  • number of bathrooms;
  • general description;
  • price (unless auction) or rental;
  • if auction - the auction date and time
  • suburb;
  • region;
  • external photo (there will be a limit of twenty (20) photographs);
  • listing agent code;
  • listing office and phone number;
  • type of inspection.

1.4 If You wish to watermark any images comprised in the Listing with Your logo or business name, the watermark must not exceed 1cm in height or width and must be located at the bottom right hand corner of the image.

1.5 The subscription Fee is restricted to Listings for Your local office only. You must not list other branch listing through the web site. If You want to list such Listings you must pay a separate subscription Fee for each branch.

1.6 We have the absolute discretion to decide the format in which the Listings will be published on the web site including the size and appearance of your business name, contact details, trade marks, logos and designs. In particular, agent contact details and branding must only be placed in the areas provided. The placement of agent contact details or branding in other parts of the Listings such as text descriptions, addresses, or photographs may result in the offending listings being removed or edited at Your expense.

1.7 You must promptly comply with any request from Us to change the format of the Listings in order to maintain currency and integrity of the web site

1.8 You must not remove or cause to be removed your Listings from the web site (other than in accordance with Rule 1.2) until you have provided Us with written notice of your intention to do so.

1.9 You must comply with any of our requirements regarding the use and/or cessation of use of our Intellectual Property.

1.10 You must continually maintain a mandatory hyperlink from your own web site to Our Web Site and use your best endeavours wherever possible to promote, market and otherwise co-brand the web site and Us.